The Big White Envelope

Friend and church leader Mike Stapleton, who served in the Spain Madrid Mission. Tausha and Mike invited us over for Family Home Evening, yummy authentic Spanish Tortilla (potatoes, onions, and eggs in a sort of omelet-quiche) and Flan. A really fun evening for all of us.

The love Mike has for his mission came through as he told his stories. He's telling us about the bullfights. Brandon is the same way, sharing stories of his mission in Peru. I love the look on Maren's face.
Thank you, Stapletons!

Once that call is made, you soon find out who else served in that same mission, or country. Mike Stapleton; Jacob's grandpa's cousin Alisa Anglesey; one of his mom's best friends in high school, Darold Stroud; a writer friend, Graham Bradley; another friend's husband, or brother, or daughter. All eager to let you know that 1) you're not alone in leaving your family and traveling across the world, and 2) what their mission meant to them, for better or worse.

Congratulations, Jacob. Bendiciones a ti y a los que sirven. 


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