My First Baptism???

Elder Jensen with Elder Barrios in front of the Madrid Temple

Happy Easter!...Again!

This was a good week. The Spanish is coming along pretty well. I have a pretty good grip on the grammar concepts, it really is just a matter of experience and memorization now. I don't know if I'm necessarily "field ready", but I don't believe there are very many who really are after a few weeks of language study. Have I mentioned that the gift of tongues is real yet? Because it is, and it has helped me a lot.

The family of President Packer's son came to Spain and are staying at the MTC. During this visit, all of the missionaries here got to witness the baptism of President's 8 year old granddaughter! It was nice. Who knew there would be a baptism so early on my mission? ;)

The Naval Museum was interesting. I had to remind myself that Spain was the naval power in the world for quite a while! I'll send some pictures of it.

Easter Sunday was wonderful. It was all about PMG (Preach My Gospel manual) Chapter 4. On Sundays, everyone has to prepare a short talk in their mission language, and random companionships are called up. One companion speaks, and the other translates to English. That being said, I translated Elder Newman's talk! It took a small period of readjustment because I'm so used to just translating in my head, but I got into a groove for the rest of it. We also had a great devotional on the Light of Christ and the Holy Ghost. Elder Bednar has a small series of clips called something like "Points of Light" or something like that. If you can find it, I would highly recommend watching it.

Quick update on our "Investigators": Both agreed to baptism, and we're in the process of setting up dates and teaching commandments. So that's kinda cool.

I'm still a good goalie! One teacher keeps calling me "Máquina" :) (translation: Machine)

Here's something that completely went over my head last week. President Earl visited the MTC. He was the MTC president here two presidents ago aaaaand he is Dad's cousin! And it was a funny, semi-awkward encounter as he tried to figure out who I was with my subtle hints. We took a picture, he told everyone working there (many of which were learning in the CCM when he was president) about our relation during lunch, and then I went back to class! It was fun!

Sister and President Doug Earl, Jacob's dad's mom's cousin, with Elders Newman and Jensen.

Everything is going great with Elder Newman. I'm trying to get him to be more open and assertive, and he is doing so! He is a really good guy. Things in the district are going  pretty well too; however, there have been a few moments of high tension. That's what happens when you shove 8 young adults into the same room for six weeks :P I don't really have a favorite or least favorite part of the MTC. I'm enjoying all of it!

I'm practically down to my last week here, which is a daunting thought, but I'm excited nonetheless! Thanks for writing me! 

Elder Jensen :)


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