First Area: San Fernando, Cadiz!

Email #1
May 2, 2017

Hey! I'm in Málaga for the night. Tomorrow morning, I head out for San Fernando on a train. Elder Gerrard (think Butler) is my companion and evidently is the most trustworthy guy in the universe. I think I was told that he was the Financial Secretary for several months. He's nice and funny. We arrived in Málaga at 10:30, walked to a nearby chapel, stayed in said chapel until 5:15ish for orientations and companions and what not. After that, the sisters left for the mission home, and the elders took to the streets for dinner. We ate at an Indian Italian restaurant with Elder Newman and his companion. The calzone I had was pretty good. After that, Elder Gerrard and I took off to find the zone leaders' apartment for a place to stay the night. After getting in, we went out and contacted! I'll have more to report later!

Elder Jensen :)

Email #2
May 3, 2017 

Hey! I'm in a train station at Málaga, and I leave for San Fernando in
about an hour. I already wrote an email, but I haven't had access to
wifi with my tablet. So I'm using my companion's iPad to write this so
you know that I'm safe, and where I'm going. Let me know if you don't
get my original email!

The town of San Fernando, often referred to as La Isla del Sur (the Island of the South), is not actually an island but a small peninsula, set within the stunning setting of the Bay of Cadiz. Covering an area of some 30 km2, it is connected to Cadiz City by an eight kilometre strip of land and for centuries was connected on the rest of the mainland only by the Zuazo bridge. It is an important Andalucian town, with a population of close to 100,000.
San Fernando is just 45 kilometres from Jerez de la Frontera Airport and Seville airport is 120 kilometres away. By car the approach is by motorway from all directions, with new infrastructure making the drive easy and very accessible. The train connections are excellent from Seville, Madrid and Barcelona and regional train services are also frequent. Local bus services are also good, especially from within the Cadiz province and from Madrid. There are good coach services from all other parts of Spain, with information on these available from most travel agencies and the internet.

San Fernando boasts over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and its geographical location in Cadiz province makes it the perfect base for visits all along the Atlantic Coast and inland to the white villages and towns in the province. There are hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation for all tastes, allowing you to choose between luxury hotels or more economical places to stay.
(Pulled the following images off the internet. This area is also known as the Port of Spain)

On the island of Cadiz

Observatorio de Astronomico de la Marina de San Fernando
(Observatory of Astronomy)


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