If You Give a Spaniard a Cookie...

...he will call it a brownie. 

Howdy! This was a relatively fast week. Due to my lack of questions to answer and my sudden lack of words to describe the normality of the week, here is most of my letter to President Andersen!

There goes one more week! We are starting to make some very good progress with one of our main investigators. Unfortunately, he has a long time to wait before even setting a baptismal date, but I think this time should be good for him to gain some momentum on the path he's getting started on. As we get closer to investigators, and as I start to adjust to their accents, I'm able to be more involved in the lessons. I really can't stress how much easier all of this will be once I can confidently understand the Spanish that is spoken to me. That's the only barrier for me at the moment, but it's a big one.

As a part of my language study I have started alternating between 1.reading El Libro de Mormón translating into English as I read along, and 2.silently reading a verse in English, then reading that verse aloud in Spanish as I go along. I think it's helping. I'm going to see if that noticeably helps me this week, then adjust in whatever way seems more efficient. On a side note, it is getting much easier to read Spanish out loud with less unnatural pauses and stammering.

Elder Garrard and I have made a more coordinated and focused effort to keep the area book updated. I really like the efficient and compact nature of the area book app! At times, I've been the one to encourage our use of it. I'm glad that I've come into the mission after so many major changes to missionary work. 

Fun tidbits of the week! 

We had lunch with Obispo (Bishop) Parodi from Barrio 1, and he is an example of the many people here who drink "Steinhart SIN", the non-alcoholic beer! It's fun getting to know the members more. Also, because of that cita, I've finally had paella! It was quite delicious. I also ate cuttlefish at Obispo Sánchez' house last week. I don't remember if I mentioned that. That was good too.

We made and delivered cookies to investigators and such! Thanks for the recipe, Mom! Due to lack of proper utilities, we made cookie bars instead of individual cookies, and a couple other things were a little different in the process, but they turned out well in the end!

Today, we met as a district for a little picnic in the park near the chapel! There is a sandwich/pollo asado place here that sells huge sandwiches for very cheap.

 I was also able to get a smaller bag for P-Day excursions and Sundays, some sunglasses (that I was in desperate need of), and Elder Gerrard bought me a little birthday present...

Does anyone know of a flamenco singer named Camerón? Evidently he made it big in America or something like that, and he's been dead for 25 years. He grew up and San Fernando, and he is a huuuge thing here. It's become a running joke between Elder Garrard and I.

I helped with my first move! It isn't much different than helping someone move their stuff in America beyond the Spanish and tighter corners.

I forgot! I'm speaking next Sunday! I was not given a topic and I was asked to speak for 10 minutes. Please pray for me, haha!
I think that's all I've got for now. Keep writing! 

Elder Jensen :)

P.S. I keep remembering stuff I wanted to say! 

Quick spiritual thought:

I came upon this quote (attached below) from the account of Oliver Cowdry at the end of the Joseph Smith History a couple weeks ago.

I think the goal of every earnest investigator and member alike should be to achieve that witness, that touch of glory. Keep working and pressing forward until your faith surpasses belief and becomes pure knowledge. We may not see an angel, or witness the voice of God himself, but it is still very possible to receive a personal witness that strikes all else into insignificance.

This is the true church of God. It is a fact of life. Never doubt His plan for us.

I love you all,
Elder Jensen :)


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