Simple Goals, The Weather, and Pollo Asado

I honestly don't know what to write. Here's a President letter:

I don't believe I really have much to say this week. Our plans were full. Many led to dead ends of empty homes and dropped appointments, but we stayed busy nonetheless.

We had a good lesson with Alejandro and Abraham about the commandment Follow the Prophet and we were able to tie it in to a lesson on The Book of Mormon for Abraham. We invited to Abraham to start reading The Book of Mormon and he happily agreed to do so. He didn't come to church this week because he was sleeping. He works late Saturday nights, so I don't know what we can do in that regard. We will follow up with him next week. None of our investigators were able to come to church, but a less-active member we've been visiting unexpectedly showed up! It was a pleasant surprise, and a big step for him.

Our regular list of investigators and members are concentrated in different isolated parts of our area, so I suggested this plan to help in our contacting efforts: Have a gospel-related conversation with (set # of people) on the street in each part we visit.

It is a very simple goal, but it proved to be pretty productive when we put it in use!

The Spanish is still proving to progress little by little! The study plan is holding up, and the various speeds and accents are becoming slightly more familiar. I'm excited to see the day where things start to really fall into place. In the meantime, I will just keep soldiering on.

Oh! Oh! Happy Father's Day! That looked like an awesome weekend! And congratulations on the whole marriage thing, Rachel! I received the wedding announcement in the MTC and I remember thinking "that's pretty far away". And now it happened. Crazy. Anywho! This was another good week. The heat however, is a different thing. Friday topped out at 105° (39°). It's been upper 90s the rest of the week and it's not going down any time soon. I'm not enjoying that. The consistent airflow is a huuuge help. Especially when the wind comes from the Atlantic. I'm going to a castle later today, so I'll have pictures for next week. Did my pictures of the scarf statue send last week?

I didn't realize how many memories I had of Chad. I'll hear certain hymns, then realize that they were ones I've sung right next to him in stake choir. So I'm dealing with that. I'm glad the funeral went well. Prayer is a good thing. I think this is the last time I'll write about this event. After all, this is a plan of happiness that we're living :)

I've been watching conference talks during eating dinner. It's been an awesome experience. Every day, I write down the titles of the ones that stick out to me along with my journal entries. Yes. I journal every day :) Thanks for the many emails. I received more than usual. Let's keep that up, haha!

Enjoy the start of summer! I'll try not to roast like a pollo on a spit. (It's a relevant joke because Pollo asado places are EVERYwhere)

Pollo Asado para llevar de "Asador El Gordo" en San Fernando, Cadiz.
(Chicken Asado to go from "Fat Guy's Grill" in San Fernando.)

Good talk! Same time next week sound good?

Elder Jensen :)

P.S. This is Elder Garrard's last transfer. He has been out longer than a year and a half (like he's been telling everyone). About 28 missionaries leave after this transfer. That being said, the mission will need 5 zone leaders and 20ish trainers....pray that I have a little more time to not be one of those, haha!

Hey! I also was wondering if it was possible to ask for a small whiteboard with markers and an apron. When I say an apron, I mean something that's funny that would remind me of home. If possible. This request happens to be a complete coincidence with your Father's Day gift to dad :P Please let me know if these things are possible! 

Elder Jensen :)

P.S.S. Do you and dad have any good BBQ recipes or advice? We might be in charge of something for a ward activity this week. Thanks!

(We sent Jacob some great BBQ ideas. Good luck, elders!)


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