SO! . . . Where Are We Going?

These are my last four days at the MTC! So that's kinda crazy.

Thursday had a lot more picture-worthy stuff. After our second temple session in Spanish, we took off to Madrid. We started a ride on the Teleférico, which was a gondola that goes over some of the city and over one of the larger parks. 

Then, we went to the Temple of Something That Starts With a D. I can't remember the name, but it was pretty cool! Evidently Spain helped Egypt with something in the 60s, so Egypt gave Spain one of their temples. At least, I think that's the story I heard about it. Of course, like most Egytpian temples today, it wasn't the whole temple, but quite a bit of it is still intact. We could go in the front vestibule, the main chamber, two antechambers next to the main chamber, and a second floor. Most of the hieroglyphics were still very easy to read and there was a certain reverence about the place.

 Finally, we went to this huge monument that Spain has in memory of Miguel Cervantes (had to pull that name from junior year). Spain is really pushing the whole Don Quixote angle (ha ha). That essentially was my P-Day! 

(As a writer, this picture gave me chills. Cervantes, with the book in his hands, watching his Don Quixote and Pancho ride on through the ages.)

Saturday in the Park *queue Chicago's signature piano and horns* went pretty well. I was in a trio with Elder Adcock and Elder González from Chile and it was interesting. Successful, but interesting. I didn't really get to all really. I was the pack mule for materials (we handed out a lot of materials) but with one companion doing a long, almost scripted testimony approach with every contact, and the other being a native speaker, I didn't have much wiggle room for how I like to approach missionary work. But it was a good experience overall. I met a young guy who lives in West Valley (where we live in Yakima) and went to La Salle (private West Valley high school). That was weird.

I gave a talk on Sunday! Last week was all about PMG (Preach My Gospel) Ch. 5 and the Book of Mormon. It was a good day. Very spiritually uplifting.

This week we are learning all forms of subjunctive! So that's a terrifyingly interesting part of Spanish grammar. I get the concepts, I just need to practice them more often.

I'm pretty dang excited to get going with this whole missionary thing. The class time has been nice, but I don't know how much longer I can handle this social environment, haha! We got our train tickets yesterday, which brings me one step closer to Malaga :)

This week's theme is on PMG Ch.6 and developing Christlike attributes. We are all picking one aspect that we can improve on. I would encourage you all to try to do the same! See how things change in your life.

Both of our investigators have baptismal dates, we are done teaching our evening investigator and we only have one appointment left with our morning investigator on Friday. Elder Newman and I have kinda been crushing it in that aspect. I want to take on the real deal now.

I don't believe I have anything more to say at the moment.

Thanks for the emails and support!
Feel free to send pictures!

Elder Jensen :)

(sorry about the font issues--Blogger is being stubborn)


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