Broke the Bank

December 11, 2017


The car is fixed, but the magic unlimited mission card made of solid gold (not) failed us at the shop, so after discussing things with the office, we used our regular mission cards to cover the whopping 208.00€ for the two replaced tires. We had enough to split the fee, but just enough to cover that, and groceries for the week. I now have 0.75€ on my card, and it will stay that way until Wednesday at the earliest due to the complex reimbursement process for purchases greater than 100€. But it's cool! I have a sack of potatoes so I might have to pull a Matt Damon stuck on Mars for a couple days, but I'll survive. 

On Tuesday, we taught Iván again and we discussed a bunch of commandments including The WoW, and he was in accord with all of them. He's already in a program to quit smoking with his doctor, so now he has another reason to quit! Woo! We set up a cita for Friday, but unfortunately, that didn't happen. He wasn't in his workshop where we normally meet when we planned on meeting, and his phone was always busy, so we're trying to figure that out.

Wednesday: Not much happened. We had a couple member visits. I'm getting to know them a little more.

We had a really good lesson with Liliana on Thursday. We taught The Gospel of Jesus Christ and in the end invited her to baptism. He she accepted the invitation, but didn't want a date because she wants to learn a little more and she wants to arrange some things in her personal life. Luckily, we're here to help her with that, because the things she wants to change are in tune with the commandments! I also got to meet Josefina and José-Lino who are an older member couple (there's a lot of those here). They are nice enough to lend their large house to the Elda members every Sunday for FHEs.

Friday and Saturday: Not much to report here. We visited more members. They're nice.

Sunday was nice. I'm a fan of the members. We had lunch at Inma's and we also had a FHE with practically all of the Elda members. It was entertaining. At one point they sang a couple Spanish Christmas songs. Spanish Christmas songs are weird and not very Christmas-y. 

This email was really weak. The time just sorta flew by without much thought. Sorry about that. I hope all is well on the homefront!

Elder Jensen :)

P.S. Mom, I made lemon bars. They turned out awesome. I love you very much.
I can't believe your surgery is coming up in ten days. I'm praying hard for you. Potentially more than you're praying for me...I hope not ;)

(I'm so totally proud of him)

We hit up Justice League at the theaters! Ha ha.

We get to stare down The Bull every Sunday and Tuesday


  1. Sounds like you're teaching some good people! You're in our prayers morning and night for your health and success, the tender mercies and miracles that you need each day. Lemon bars are a family favorite at our house! Have a very Merry Christmas, Elder Jensen!!!


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